3 Not-So-Obvious Uses of Integrated Labels

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By - 9 October 2019
integrated labels

As the ecommerce sites become more and more popular, the necessity of quick and easy dispatch and customer-friendly returns also increases proportionally. Billions of dollars are spent on e-commerce sales, and all of the products purchased need proper shipment and delivery. One way to simplify the whole process is by using an integrated paper label as they cut the time and the expenses in half and in addition, improve the professional image of the business. 

Integrated label paper is the paper of which integrate labels are made. They are forms that have one or more sticky labels on the sheet while the rest of it is used as a business form. They are usually supplied in A4 sheets but can also be made into A3 or A5 sheet formats depending on the needs of the customer. They allow a smooth streamlining of the despatch process and enable the warehouse pickers to organise the order with the information printed on the integrated label paper. Here are three different uses of the integrated labels which prove their versatility and functionality besides the basic one for delivery.

1.    For Personalised Gift Message Cards

You can use the integrated labels to customise and personalise a product packaging by adding a personalised gift card. For example, you can choose what kind of a message you want to add to the card, and this message will be printed on integrated labels along with the order. The warehouse picker will only need to peel off the label and attach it as an integrated gift message card. 

2.    Membership Specials 

Another interesting use of the integrated labels is as butterfly cards which are used as membership, discount or loyalty cards. By integrating such a card onto the picking slip of product, the company can send the customer a card that they can use in the future for all their new orders. They can be printed with holograms to ass a level of security so they can be unique and intended just for one member. As the card comes unfolded in the letter, the customer needs to separate the card from the letter and fold it in half.

3.    In the ICE Healthcare Industry

Another, not so obvious, but beneficial purpose of the integrated labels is in Healthcare. Here they are used by hospitals and trusts to collect the patient’s data and booking samples. A single sheet of integrated label paper can have up to 8 or more integrated labels that can be printed with patients’ details and attached to multiple samples or information sheets. The same forms can be used in pharmacies for prescription instructions attached on bottles and in laboratories for naming different samples of specimens, substances, mixes or bottles of medicine. 

The Bottom Line

For whatever purpose, integrated labels have found their place on the market and their huge functionality and cost-efficiency have made them a very popular choice of companies when it comes to paper office supplies. They save time and energy and reduce the workload of employees who are responsible for printing and organising the documentation for delivery, thus freeing up time for other tasks. 

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