A Brief Look into the World of Social Networking

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By - 1 January 2008
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Undeniably, social networking has been one of the biggest internet fads to date, having millions of people subscribe and visit the countless social networking sites everyday. With the popularity of social networking these days, someone who isn't taking part of all these can't help but wonder if there are any real benefits to it all – whether if you're personally using it or your company is using it. A lot of social networking members will claim that there are heaps of benefits to these kinds of sites so let's take a look at some of them:

1. Building a “social network”

When you're a member of social bookmarking sites, you get to meet friends the world over. You aren't restricted to your own local community when it comes to meeting new people, unless of course, the social network that you belong to is restricted to your locality alone. These people can become mere acquaintances, friends or even business partners. Relationships in social networks tend to be flexible. Your social network can also be “specialized” depending on what you need a social network for.

2. Social networking sites have different categories

As stated in the first point, you can choose which social network you want to subscribe to depending on how you want to use it. There are different kinds of social networking sites:

·         Conventional and generic networks

·         News networks

·         Bookmarking networks

·         Business networks

·         Media-sharing networks

o   Video-sharing

o   Image-sharing

o   Music-sharing

·         Startpage networks

·         Fitness and sport networks

·         Widgets and plug-ins networks

·         Mobile networks

With the knowledge of the different kinds of social networking sites, you can easily choose those that are to your interests and build a network that will suit your needs as an individual, career-person or a business entity. For a more in-depth look at the many forms of the social networking world, you can check this list:

3. A bigger shot at being popularity

Everyone wants to be popular as far as I know. They want to be known for something they're good at especially. When you actively participate in discussions, make lots of friends and offer useful and interesting advices, stories or tips, you become popular. That's how social networking goes. This is useful especially if you're promoting your brand because your brand is an extension of yourself. If you're popular, your brand becomes popular too.

4. Links and traffic

Social networking can greatly help when it comes to link building and incoming traffic whether it's a business you're promoting or your own personal site. If you create really good stories and other forms of articles for your site and submit them to some social bookmarkng networks and they become marked as “hot” stories, you can expect heavy visitor traffic to your site in a matter of seconds. The traffic that you will get from social networking sites are all natural and each one of them is a potential customer just waiting to be persuaded into buying your product.

These are just four of the many other benefits one can get with the help of social networking sites. This brief insight delves a bit into the business side of social networking - not only on the personal level - which can help in promoting your business and selling your services and products. It may be safe to say that social networking sites have a really big impact in today's internet community, not only for a single user, but for a large-scale business entity as well.

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