Barcode Scanners and Thermal Printers A Boon for the Retailers

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30 March 2012
With the boom in the retail segment, the need to simplify retail business is on an increase. The devices such as barcode scanners and thermal printers have turned out as a wish fulfillment for the retailers who wanted some reliable person or device to take over the task of billing. These devices are a part of the point of sale device range introduced to make business dealings easier. Imagine a queue of customers waiting for the invoices at your store or office! This is indeed horrible. Barcode scanner and thermal printers are handy in such cases, and can do your work within minutes.

Barcode scanners are designed for the identification of the products. They are used to minimise human error and keep a record of your inventory. They can be connected with the cash registers to facilitate in making invoices. They read the codes and show in the decoded form in the bill generated for the customers which can be viewed on the screen of the cash register. Item’s price, code, name and its quantity is read along with the discounts if any for generating the invoice instantly. They speed up the data processing and make the data retrieval a simple task.

There are a number of barcode scanners available in the market these days but laser scanners are used widely in the retail segment while the image based scanners are used in the warehouses. The laser barcode scanners can read at a distance of 24 inches max. They are a trusted source as they work with the pre-fed data, so there is no chance of error as is in the case of the human work. They are very easy to handle. They also help the store owner to keep a track of the products that have been repositioned and the inventory.

Thermal printers are of two types viz. direct thermal printers and thermal transfer printers. The former category of printers is predominantly used in the industries as they are very fast, producing large number of receipts in a short period of time. In these printers the paper is the only consumable item that requires replacement. The latter category of printers, i.e. thermal transfer printer is used to create labels and barcodes. Their speed and durability is unmatchable as they do not possess a lot of moving parts. It is said that in the past direct thermal printers were popular for their bad printing. It was due to the direct exposure to the heat, the ink couldn’t get properly printed on the paper. But, due to technological developments, these printers are made more reliable. offers a variety of pos hardware and software solutions for the retailers. You can choose from a variety of barcode scanners and Thermal printers enlisted on the website. All of the devices are cost effective and you will really feel great to have chosen any of them. Before choosing them, just take care of certain things; i.e. you should analyse your need, how much you want to spend and then choose the one that fulfils your requirements.

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