Do You Have Your Carpets Cleaned Regularly?

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By - 6 February 2009

If your home or business has a nice, do you know how clean it is? Have you had it cleaned by a professional in the last month? Six months? Twelve months? If you don’t remember how long it has been, then it almost certainly has been too long! You or someone else involved with the property might vacuum every day and think that this is enough to ensure a clean carpet. However, you are probably mistaken! If you were to take a sample of your carpet and put it under a microscope, you would be shocked at what is lurking inside your supposedly clean floor covering. There will be deeply trodden-in dirt that has been tracked in by your colleagues or family and friends. Normal vacuuming may take away the surface dirt but sometimes misses the grime that has fallen to the very bottom of the carpet.

It gets worse! Under the microscope you would also see hundreds of the little critters that you are sharing your home with – all sorts of nasties such as dust mites. These are much harder to get rid of than dirt and can be bad news for the people inhabiting the building. Does anyone in your home or business suffer from allergies? If so, they might be affected by sharing the space with so many mites. Dust allergies are amongst the most common allergies in people and can make life very unpleasant for the sufferer. Even if there is no one with allergies, these dust mites are certainly not something that you want to share your life with!

Now that you know what is in your carpet, you are most likely wondering how you can get rid of it! Luckily, there is a very easy way to do this – have a professional carpet cleaner come in to steam clean your carpets. And not just once – you want to do this regularly. Mark it on your calendar! If the carpet is in your home you should have it cleaned about every 6 months. In an office or other business where there is more foot traffic it should be done more regularly than that. For a small to medium sized office, once every 3 months would be fine. If the business is very busy, once a month, or even more often, is best.

A good professional carpet cleaner will come equipped with everything they need to ensure that your carpet is cleansed with the utmost care and efficiency. Professionals who know what they are doing will have a large range of equipment and products to help them do their job. A carpet steam cleaner that is of commercial grade is the best weapon in the cleaner’s arsenal. When the cleaner uses this, clean, hot steam is injected all over the carpet and this steam lifts out the dirt and nasty little critters hiding there. The steam reaches right down to the bottom of the carpet, making it the most effective way to clean it thoroughly.

The last point you need to keep in mind when you are hiring a professional carpet cleaner is that it is essential that you only hire someone who carries a current certification in carpet cleaning. It goes without saying that you will want a high-quality job done when you’re having your carpets cleaned, right? So make sure the first thing you do is ask your potential cleaner whether they have full carpet cleaning certification for your state. Having your carpets cleaned well is essential if you want to live or work in a truly hygienic place. Don’t wait for the dust mites to take over, call a carpet cleaner today!

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