How I started a Makeup Sales Business and Made a Boom on the Market

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By - 8 October 2019

Being a woman in this world today is a proud moment. We have the power to voice our opinion, to educate ourselves, to develop a successful career path and be wives, lovers, and mothers at the same time. There isn’t anything we can’t do, and we tackle each challenge with grace and dignity. We are capable of building our own empires and the moment of realisation can give you a head start in any business endeavour. The discovery of the fact that I don’t need anyone else to tell me that I CAN except me was the turning point of my life when I started my makeup sales business. Here are my top reasons my I did it. 

Self Valuation

After getting a university degree, I knew I couldn’t wait for a talent scout to find me and tell me what I am good at. I knew I had excellent communication skills and how to seize opportunities for success. I was organised, ambitious, and learning-obsessed. Not for a second did I doubt myself. I had high confidence in me and my vision and did not hesitate to pursue my dreams. At this point in my life, I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur. However, I hadn’t given any thought about the industry I am to start my business journey. All I knew was that I was ready. 

Discovering the Passion

After days spent in thinking, rethinking, searching for what drives me, what is my passion, could this work in the business world or not, I finally get to the point that the career I should choose should be something I love and enjoy doing it every day. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have worked. So, I was thinking to myself – what am I passionate about? The answers flew across my mind: beauty, women empowerment, and support. I quickly realised that I needed to provide options and solutions for every woman to feel beautiful, empowered, and supported. I decided that I was going to do it with makeup. 

Huge Market Opportunities

Cosmetics and makeup industries are one of the most affluent markets in the world. In fact, it is an incredible $532 billion industry with a tendency to continue with a rapid increase of the number in the years to come. Also, everyone all over the world uses at least one beauty product several times a day which means the necessity is huge even essential. 

A New, Healthy Solution

Once I decided that I will sell makeup, I sat down to research my options. I knew that I needed to find a new, original concept that will make me stand out from my competitors. I put my entrepreneur-thinking hat and did expensive research on the gaps in the market. I found out that people are exposed to lots of unhealthy products that the beauty effect is an instant result, whereas the consequences of it might be health-threatening in the long run. That is when I decided to go for natural makeup products that not only enhance the beauty, but they are safe to use. 

Continuous Learning

I never stop learning. I believe that the success of my business hugely depends on the way I make it change. I set the directions, and I need to know what is changed in the world of business first to apply those changes to my business as well. That is why I never stop learning. Improvements should occur daily, following the trends are also crucial. Business is all about thinking out of the box and coming up with a solution that fits the box. 

Some final words

My advice for you is this: follow your dreams, believe in yourself, and don’t let anyone tell you that your idea is not good enough. Believe your instincts but support them with facts. From there, the sky is the limit. 


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