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By - 30 June 2009

Outsourcing involves using another company to complete work that would generally be accomplished within your own company. However, this is probably a concept you are familiar with, whether you are just starting up a small business or are a long-term business owner. But how much do you really know about outsourcing? Do you know about the benefits of this type of business decision, or whether or not it is a viable and useful option for you and your business? Starting small business yourself, you may already know how important it is to know all the facts before taking the plunge in any decision, so read on and make sure you are informed!


Outsourcing, Finance and Small Business.


If you are starting small business for yourself, or even if you have been in business for a long time, cutting costs may be your biggest reason to start thinking about outsourcing. Hiring and training employees for short-term or minor projects can incur huge costs and there is absolutely no guarantee that you will get the expected standard of work and success if you choose this option. Outsourcing however, can save you this expensive disappointment and reduce your labour costs. Also, when considering finance and your small business, reflect on the effects of converting your fixed costs into variable costs, opening up capital for investment elsewhere in the business and avoiding those large expenditures in the early stages of your venture. 


Also, because outsourcing means you are able to allocate more capital into revenue-producing actions, think about how much more attractive your business will appear to investors.


Outsourcing = Efficiency.


If you try to accomplish everything for your small business in-house, you can expect to have significant expenses for things like research, development, marketing and distribution.  Inevitably, you will be forced to pass these exorbitant costs on to your customers. This is where outsourcing can provide you with the competitive edge you need to stay ahead. 


Furthermore, a first-class outsourcing company will have the resources already in place to begin your project immediately. Imagine the time and effort it would take for you to advertise and interview hopeful applicants, hire the appropriate employees, provide the adequate training and support...


Plus, if your project requires major capital investments, this process is even more difficult!  Again, outsourcing can save you the money, but more importantly, the time and effort you would have wasted.


Outsourcing – The Road to a Successful Future.


At the end of the day, most people like yourself, people who are starting small business, simply can’t afford to match up to the resources and support that major businesses take for granted. But by outsourcing you can definitely even the scores by providing your business with access to the same economies of scale, efficiency, and expertise of those larger companies. Outsourcing can even help reduce the many risks that every business investment holds. The variables, the constantly changing atmosphere of business...


Markets, competition, government regulations and financial environments – the list goes on! Outsourcing providers are there to manage these risks for you. With all their experience and resources, often they are more capable at avoiding these risks than you might be. In the end, outsourcing allows you to really focus on the bigger picture and lessen the stress of finance and risk in small businesses.


Whilst every business owner is bound to have limited resources, time and attention; outsourcing can help really direct your priorities better. It will help move your focus away from the minor projects that need taking care of and towards serving the needs of your valued customers.


So, if you are contemplating outsourcing your accounting or your payroll processing, for example, there are many benefits that can arise from utilising outsourcing. Just remember that outsourcing does require your time and attention to find the right provider and build a good relationship. But once that work is done, sit back and reap the rewards!

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