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By - 30 June 2009

Can’t sleep? Are you looking for a hair straighter at 3:00am? Who knows why…? Maybe you’re searching for a nice new dress to wear this weekend? Obviously you cannot pop down to your local shopping centre and browse at 3:00am! This is why having an up to date website is a very effective way to advertise your products. The internet is open for business 24/7, 365 days a year! If you’re not online, think of how much potential business you’re missing out on!


You would be astonished how many businesses fail to use online product marketing. If you invest in online marketing you will save so much time and money on searching for new clients; let them find you!


Here are five tips to help with your marketing for small business, through online marketing:


Always use Your Business’ Signature or Logo on all Emails and all Correspondence.


By remembering this simple tip will help to give off a professional vibe. Templates are very easy to set up, as well as electronic business signatures in your email. To get that personal touch, make sure that use the name of your customer or on every email you send to them? Doesn’t “Dear John” sound better than, “Dear Valued Customer”?!


You should aim to make sure your logo or slogan (as well as contact details) is included on every email and especially the business website. This makes it a lot easier for people to recognise you.


It is Vital to Keep Your Website up to date!


It is so important that your website is always up to date with your latest products and news. Remember to update your website regularly; every day if need be! We are in an age where your website is the first place that your potential clients will go.


Marketing for small business is just as easy as marketing for a larger business. Although you may not have the reputation of certain other businesses (yet!), take a different approach. Offer friendly and quick service - but make sure that your website is user friendly!


Be Very Clear about the Purpose of Your Website is.


Further to the previous tip, make sure your website is very easy to navigate around. These days’ people want their information fast and simple to understand. People scan for keywords or phases and if they cannot find any in the first few seconds they might leave your website and just like that, you’ve lost a customer!


Remember, the simpler, the better!


Although it might sound obvious, make sure your home page explains exactly what your business does.


Leverage off Other Business’ Websites.


Ask your suppliers or your best customers and to put your logo on their website (with a link to your website). This will show potential customers that other businesses are happy dealing with you and it’s a great way to expand your product marketing. In return, why not include a page on your website listing your contacts?


Networking has always been one of the best ways to expand your business!


Don’t Send Newsletters Every Week! NEWSFLASH - These REALLY Annoy Your Customers!


To be honest, these things will probably never be read in their entirety. However, if you must send out regular newsletters, it is advisable that you have an easy opt-out option. By doing this will ensure that people will probably leave with a hassle free experience and will keep that in mind if they ever require your products or services again.


Have you thought about asking for testimonials? Why not put a blog form on your website? Getting constant feedback will ultimately benefit your business. Everyone can do with a bit of constructive criticism (and praise when deserved). A testimonial page can show prospective customers just how good you are at what you do.


Marketing for small business is relatively simple if you know where to start. Keep in mind these straightforward and inexpensive tips and your cliental will double in no time!

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