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By - 30 June 2009

Technology development today is fueled by money. If there is not a profit to be made, it is going to be difficult to obtain the funding in order to continue research. This ultimately means that, for the most part, the modern Technology industry is essentially consumer driven with a few exceptions.


There have been several recent breakthroughs in the field of new technology, including the development of technology which will allow embryonic stem cells to be woven into sheets – creating the ultimate chameleonic band-aid, as well as the development of flexible screen technology to allow access to electronic information in a more versatile way.


Business technology has also seen several recent breakthroughs. More advanced touch-screen technology is breaking out of the field of smartphones and mp3 players and into the field of laptops – a new generation of tablet PCs.


Technology Development Under Your Skin.


A group of UK based biophysicists have reported that it is possible to ‘weave’ embryonic human stem cells into a flexible form of synthetic tissue and due to the chameleonic nature of stem cells, can be adaptable to any transplant environment. Scientists have hailed this breakthrough as a sure step in the direction of producing entire human organs artificially – they have even applied this technology to human brain cells and yes, it would work.


This is a very exciting development, particularly due to the controversial nature of working with human stem cells. However, if it is a choice between stem cells and cloning, stem cells are a more secure direction. Nobody likes an evil clone.


The Screen is all Floppy – Look What Happens When You Touch it!


With the sheer amount of information available in an electronic format, it is understandable that more ways of displaying this information are desirable, particularly in the field of e-books. A lot of work has gone into the development of screen technology and although there are currently products available targeted at e-book readers, the screens are still less than ideal – they are made of glass, which is fragile.


A company in the UK has recently developed an e-book reading device which includes a screen made of plastic (they have managed to create a bendy screen), which is a lot more flexible and therefore a lot more hard-wearing than its glass counterparts.


In the field of business technology, screen technology is also under scrutiny as more development is going into the creation of touch-screen technology. Although this technology does exist and has done for years, it is being re-introduced and refined to make the screens more accurate, allowing you to touch your PC up with more finesse.


Do We Really Need it?


Although the pursuit of technology development is to celebrate the human quality of ingenuity, it does sometimes beg the question of just how much easier our lives need to be. Instead of going to all the effort of pressing a button on your iPod, all you have to do is stroke it. If you stroke it right, it might play you a song.


Not to discount the amazing breakthroughs which are detailed above of course, but there is far too much technology currently available which has been developed simply with the goal of making it easier to be human.


To save on the neck strain of looking around yourself, you can program your GPS system to alert you to every fast food restaurant along your route and even point out possible points of interest which are further from your route – just so you don’t have to read a street sign yourself!


A lot of people nowadays would be lost if the internet was shut down. Some people would genuinely get completely lost without their GPS. Technology is great and so are the efforts of the technology industry, but sometimes it makes you wonder where it is all leading to.

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